UPDATE March 13th, 2018


If you would like to put down a deposit for a male or female, please message me!  2 males and 2 females available.

#1 1:20am female B/W/T Tri Piebald STAYING
#2 1:40am female B/W/T Tri Pie
#3 2:35am male B/W/T Tri Pie
#4 2:47am female B/W/T Tri Tuxedo 
#5 2:47am male B/W/T Tri Tux
#6 4:06am male B/W/T Tri Tux & Pie
#7 4:31am female B/W/T Tri Tux STAYING
#8 5:09am female B/W/T Tri Pie
#9 5:20am female B/W/T Tri Pie

1st pick -- Staying here
2nd pick -- Staying here
3rd pick -- Doug & Jennifer
4th pick -- Doug & Jennifer
5th pick -- available
6th pick -- available
1st pick -- Jessica Ingram
2nd pick -- available
3rd pick -- available

This litter will be AKC registered, come with AKC papers, 1st shots, wormings, dewclaws removed and tails docked. They will be started on house training, and socialized with my great danes, cats, and other pets.
Puppies are  $500 for limited AKC registration, $600 for full registration. A non-refundable deposit of $250 (half the cost of the puppy) will reserve a pup until they will be ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old the week of May 6th.

Debbie the dam of this litter is an apricot w/white Decker rat terrier, 35 pounds and 18.5" at the withers. The stud she was bred to, Hank, is a pearl (blue and chocolate) tri pie large standard with decker bloodlines, 28 pounds and 17.5" at the withers. All of their puppies carry apricot, blue, and chocolate, as they are recessive colors. Tri = 3 colors, Pie = Piebald.

 If you are wanting a breed that's hardy, great for dispatching vermin but friendly with people, children, and generally other dogs and pets, check out large standard and Decker rat terriers!


Ruby has been bred to Teal'c my full euro blue male, the pups from their last litter turned out amazing, beefy and easy-going blues and blacks, also AKC registered. Ruby is due around April 20th. She is not showing yet, pregnancy has not yet been confirmed.

Please contact me if you would like to be added to my waiting list. 

The universe has plans for Ruby to have one more litter!  She has been bred to Teal'c my full euro blue male, the pups from their last litter turned out amazing, beefy and easy-going blues and blacks, also AKC registered. Ruby is due around April 20th. I will also be retiring Teal'c by the end of this year, so this will likely be his last litter. Their two sons Pablo and Rya'c will be ready for stud service by the end of fall.

This rat terrier litter will be AKC registered. Debbie is 18.5" at the withers and 34 pounds, Hank is 17" and 28 pounds.  With this breeding we have learned that neither Debbie or Hand carry each others' colors of apricot and chocolate/blue, even though they don't I am happy, they are still going to be awesome tempered black/white/tan tri color pups that will carry apricot, chocolate, and blue. The biggest reason I picked Hank to use for stud is his disposition, he is so friendly with people, children, and other pets but also a great hunter, that drive to dispatch vermin combined with their affection for family makes them incredibly versatile. As an owner of great danes, size was also an important factor, the large and giant standard rat terriers are incredibly durable and a great fit for my family.

Great danes are my first love and will always be in my life, but Debbie has become an amazing addition to my family as well. I honestly never thought a medium sized dog breed would be a good fit for my needs but I was wrong! Debbie is surprisingly similar to my great danes, just quicker, high energy, 1/4th their size, and more intensely driven to hunt and kill vermin. Debbie rarely barks, doesn't chase my chickens, ducks, or cats, she is incredibly intelligent, SUPER playful, friendly, goofy, affectionate with humans and my great danes, and an agile, savage hunter.  https://www.facebook.com/ruffianRT/

Both Debbie and Hank are AKC registered, full AKC registration on pups may be available to approved homes. Puppies will come with first parvo/distemper puppy shots, multiple wormings, health guarantee and started on house training. They will be very well socialized around my great danes, as well as my other pets. 

Lifetime breeder support.

If interested, please contact me: facebook.com/sconant2

[email protected]


I do not have any great dane puppies currently available, but Ruby is due around April 19th, contact me if interested!

If for any reason a puppy does not work out we ask that the buyer contact us first, I believe it is a breeders’ responsibility to take back and/or help rehome the puppy. 

Located in Springfield, OR 

Rosemary and Debbie (and Pablo in the bushes):

Rya'c with one of my ragdoll cats Ivana:

A few black male puppies from Ruby's 1st litter, sired by Teal'c:

Teal'c (LEONARDO MARGAREJRO) chillin' with some of his kids below:

OTHER NEWS: Betty and Star have both passed away this year, Betty would have been 11 years old in October and Star her daughter would have been 9 years old this December, I love my danes unconditionally and they are my family, it has been a heartbreaking year from me.

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