UPDATE Sept 9th, 2015

PLEASE VISIT MY NEW WEBSITE, http://www.oregondanes.com/

Due to poor communication and service from webs.com, starslobber.com will not be renewed. The free subdomain starslobber.webs.com SHOULD continue to work although many pictures will likely be lost. Although I now have a new website oregondanes.com,please feel free to add me on Facebook!


I have made a shelterwood great danes facebook page as well, I'm uncertain how much I'll be using it since I post everything on my personal facebook anyways. But if enough people visit it I may use it a lot.


I post everything about my danes, pups, and other pets on Facebook these days!  I see many other breeders switching to using Facebook for everything too, I admit it is very convenient.

I have breed Periwinkle to Scooby, if breeding takes pups are due around April 29th, 2016! FYI Ruth has had 3 big beautiful litters and is now retired like her mamma Star and grandma Betty. Periwinkle is the 4th generation of Shelterwood Great Danes. I have been breeding for over 7 years now, it is amazing how much information and knowledge I have gained in that time, especially on the facts and myths of canine reproduction, and there's always something new to learn!

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