UPDATE August 2017

After 9 years, I am retiring from raising litters of great dane puppies. However, I am currently considering having a friend and fellow breeder continue to breed Ruby my chocolate AKC registered great dane and for a couple more litters, this will be my last great dane breeding female. If she accepts, Ashley Slocum of Doghouse Danes in Brownsville, OR will be breeding Ruby and taking her temporarily when it's time to whelp and until pups are weaned, she is the only person I trust to care for Ruby and whelp/raise her pups. If you are interested in a puppy out of Ruby let know, and I will update when we decide on the stud to use, when she is bred, etc. I will continue to have stud service available, Scooby my AKC chocolate stud, and Teal'c my AKC full euro blue import are currently available.

 I kept two black males out of Teal'c and Ruby's litter born on April 26th, Pablo and Rya'c. They are 60% euro, carry for chocolate and blue, and are AKC registered. They will be available for stud service next year when they are old enough. 


I am currently planning to breed my Decker rat terrier Debbie within the next 6 months, currently searching for a stud to breed her to when the time comes. Great danes are my first love and will always be in my life, but Decker rat terriers have become an amazing addition to my family as well. Surprisingly similar to great danes, just quicker, feistier, 1/4th their size, and more intensely driven to hunt and kill vermin. Debbie rarely barks, doesn't chase my chickens, ducks, or cats, she is incredibly intelligent, SUPER playful, friendly, goofy, affectionate with humans and my danes, and an agile, savage hunter.  https://www.facebook.com/ruffianRT/

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