Teal'c and Scooby are currently available for stud service. Ruby is my only intact great dane female. I am not a kennel, all my danes are indoor dogs and are a part of my family.


Teal'c is my AKC registered blue, full euro import from Warsaw, Poland. Around 180 pounds and 34" at the withers. 

Will be 5 years old on February 18th, 2018. Both of his parents are champions of Poland and multi-national champions. Teal'c has sired multiple litters, I kept a pup out of his most recent litter with my chocolate female Ruby. 


Scooby is my AKC registered chocolate stud from North Carolina. Around 140 pounds and 33" at the withers at 3 years old, and has 18% euro bloodlines in his background. Scooby has sired multiple litters and has proven to carry both blue and fawn. 

The boys - Pablo in purple collar, Rya'c in green collar


Pablo and Rya'c are males I kept out of Teal'c and Ruby's litter. Pablo is a solid black male and was the biggest puppy of the litter. At 8.5 months old he is around 135 pounds and currently around 31" at the withers. He is very dog-oriented, prefers wrestling with his brother and the other danes every day as opposed to being involved with what I'm doing which I consider an independent disposition, and greatly prefers hanging out in the backyard rather than being inside all day. Pablo has his affectionate moments too, but rarely wants to cuddle in bed, he prefers to stretch out on a dog bed on the floor instead or curl up on his ottoman. 


Rya'c is a black male with a small white marking on his chest, he was actually the smallest male of the litter but had a big thick head for his size that I knew he would grow into. At 8.5 months he is about an inch shorter than his brother, but looks close to him weight-wise, both boys are thick-bodied for their age and are getting harder to tell apart from their daddy in dark lighting. Rya'c loves wrestling with his brother too, but is much more interested in me and wanting to be involved with whatever I'm doing, he likes to give kisses and cuddles every night at bedtime, he used to prefer curling up with me on my bed but he's gotten too big and instead likes to stretch out on the couch or a dog bed near his brother. Both boys carry chocolate and blue, and both boys are AKC registered.