NW Deckers Diligent Daredevil Debbie

Debbie is my decker rat terrier. A decker is a bloodline of rat terriers developed here in Oregon by a man named Milton Decker. A decker is bigger and a little more durable compared to smaller sizes of rat terriers. Deckers are considered a "giant" standard sized rat terrier, between 25 and 40 pounds and over 17" at the withers. Debbie is 35 pounds and 18' at the withers. Great danes are my first love and will always be in my life, but rat terriers have become an amazing addition to my family as well. Surprisingly similar to great danes, Debbie is such happy-go-lucky girl, quicker, feistier, 1/4th their size, and intensely driven to hunt and kill vermin. Debbie rarely barks, doesn't chase my chickens, ducks, or cats, she is incredibly intelligent, SUPER playful, friendly, goofy, affectionate with humans and my danes, and an agile, savage hunter.

BREEDING PLANS: I am currently planning to breed my AKC decker rat terrier Debbie within the next 6 months, currently searching for a stud to breed her to when the time comes. So far there is a pearl tri color standard stud in Brownsville at the top of my list for prospects, his temperament sounds similar to Debbie's which is exactly what I want to see in a stud prospect, and he is 28 pounds. I plan to use the name Ruffian Rat Terriers in the near future as my "kennel" name once I have a litter of rat terrier puppies to register, although I am a hobby breeder and not an actual kennel. I plan to continue to have the decker bloodlines in all my future breeding plans, the larger size of rat terriers is a huge plus in a house of great danes, so durable and is just the perfect fit for my family  https://www.facebook.com/ruffianRT/