I do not have any great dane puppies currently available, but Ashley Slocum in Brownsville, OR may have puppies available. If Ruby is bred again Ashley will be whelping and raising the litter, bloodlines from my danes continue on in her breeding plans. 


 have no plans to breed my Decker rat terrier again until possibly next Spring or Summer.

If for any reason a puppy does not work out we ask that the buyer contact us first, I believe it is a breeders’ responsibility to take back and/or help rehome the puppy. 

Located in Springfield, OR 

Rosemary and Debbie (and Pablo in the bushes):

Rya'c with one of my ragdoll cats Ivana:

Boys from Ruby's 1st litter, sired by Teal'c:

Teal'c (LEONARDO MARGAREJRO) chillin' with some of his kids below:

OTHER NEWS: Betty and Star have both passed away in 2017, Betty would have been 11 years old in October and Star her daughter would have been 9 years old in December, I love my danes unconditionally and they are my family, it was a heartbreaking year from me.

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