A Decker, also known as a giant standard rat terrier or Decker Hunting Terrier, is a bloodline of rat terriers developed here in Oregon by a man named Milton Decker.

Debbie is my first Decker rat terrier. A Decker is bigger and a little more durable compared to smaller sizes of rat terriers, and is designed to be versatile. Deckers are typically between 25 to 35 pounds and over 17" at the withers. Debbie is 35 pounds and 18.5" at the withers. Great danes are my first love and will likely always have one in my life, but rat terriers have become an amazing addition to my family as well. Surprisingly similar to great danes, Debbie is such a happy-go-lucky girl, quicker, feistier, 1/4th their size, and intensely driven to hunt and kill vermin. Debbie rarely barks, doesn't chase my chickens, ducks, or cats, she is incredibly intelligent, SUPER playful, friendly, goofy, and an agile, savage hunter.

Keep-backs from Debbie's litter

Abba, Agatha, and Amy. This was my first litter, I am so glad I kept this trio to watch how they have physically and mentally grown. All three have prey drive, all three are playful and friendly with my other dogs and pets. I haven't decided yet when I will breed one of these girls, but it will be whichever is the best overall choice in drive, health, and temperament.  

MARCH PUPPIES: My apricot & white Decker rat terrier Debbie was bred to Hank, a pearl (blue and chocolate) tri color large standard with Decker bloodlines in his background. Debbie is 18.5" at the withers and 34 pounds, Hank is 17" and 28 pounds. They had nine black, white, and tan puppies, some piebald and some irish/tuxedo marked, these pups carry the colors of their parents; apricot, blue and chocolate.  I chose Hank to use for stud primarily for his disposition, he is so friendly with people, children, and other pets but also a great hunter, that drive to dispatch vermin combined with their affection for family makes them incredibly versatile. As an owner of great danes, size was also an important factor, the large and giant standard rat terriers are incredibly durable and a great fit for my family.

Pictures of Hank and Debbie below.